Difficulty in Reaching Orgasm

Both men and women may have difficulty in reaching orgasm. Some women who seek help have never reached orgasm, whereas other clients may want to reach orgasm more consistently. Difficulty in reaching orgasm can be very frustrating and saddening for you and your partner. Common reasons men and women may have difficulty reaching orgasm include:

  • Anxiety

  • Lack of desire or decreased ability to fantasize

  • Medications, alcohol, or medical conditions

  • Relationship issues

  • Physical trauma to the pelvic floor or pelvic floor health issues

  • Sexual abuse

  • Painful intercourse

  • Aging process and changes in hormones and blood flow

Sometimes the “smoking gun” for why anorgasmia is occurring cannot be identified, and Beth is committed to exploring what you or you and your partner’s goals are for a healthy sex life. Increasing pleasure and eroticism, however, are usually goals that can be met even if there appears to be no underlying medical or psychological cause. My services include conducting an extensive assessment so it’s possible to identify and treat any underlying reasons for your difficulty in reaching orgasm. As appropriate, medical referrals to a specialist can also be provided.