Other sexual issues treated include:

  • Sexual issues associated with illness and cancer. Cancer and other illnesses can damage our ability to connect to our feeling attractive or sexual. Sexual pain or other kinds of pain may be an issue where it was not before the illness. Beth works with the individual or couple to problem-solve any concerns or issues that may have arisen during or after the illness and to assist in increasing romance, pleasure and eroticism.
  • Sexual issues associated with Peyroine’s Disease. Peyroine’s can sometimes cause a man to feel less connected to his masculinity or feeling attractive. Beth works with these men to increase their confidence and can collaborate with the medial team to increase erectile quality as well as ability to receive and give pleasure with his partner.
  • Sexual issues due to trauma and abuse. Beth is trained in EMDR and can use multiple modalities to address trauma symptomatology.
  • Restoring intimacy after childbirth. Sometimes the physical strain of pregnancy and childbirth can lead to a decrease in feeling sexual. Beth works with the individual and/or couple to help increase  a positive body image, find ways for the couple to relate and regain eroticism ( often finding a way to do this that works for a couple has very little free time), and continue to relate as a romantic and erotic couple (instead of “just roommates”).
  • Restoring intimacy after infertility issues. Fertility challenges can sometimes be traumatic for one or both persons in the couple. Beth will assess the situation and address what issues are most important for the couple in their particular situation.
  • Sexual issues related to the exploration of sexuality or sexual orientation. Some people do not have the opportunity to learn about their sexuality and sexual arousal template until later in life. Beth can work with the individual or couple to identify a plan for how to do this that also takes into account the individual or couple’s value system and long-term goals.