Grief Therapy






Beth recognizes the impact that both grief and trauma can have in our lives and can provide support to the bereaved early in the grieving process or for those whose loss occurred many years ago. She is trained in using multiple modalities for working with grief and traumatic grief, including cognitive-behavioral approaches as well as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). In addition to using these modalities, Beth will also work with you to identify how to practice self-care and connect with others who can support the healing and grieving process.

Although grief therapy cannot eliminate the sadness associated with the loss of the physical presence of your loved one who has passed, grief therapy can provide significant relief to those who are suffering by allowing the bereaved to recall more readily positive memories of the departed, decrease anger or guilt surrounding the death, decrease or eliminate intrusive negative images regarding the death or dying process, and learn how to live a life with contentment without the physical presence of the departed.

Beth is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, Association for Death Education and Counseling, Forever Family Foundation, and International Association for Near Death Studies. She values both the academic and spiritual aspects of grief and loss and is an Ad hoc reviewer for the Journal of Death and Dying. She is able to competently assess and integrate spiritual issues and experiences related to grief and loss if the client desires to do so. For those who have a belief or hope in an afterlife, Beth is supportive of those who want to continue a relationship with departed loved ones as well.