Self Esteem


Our self-esteem refers to our sense of self-worth, self-love, and our feeling of deserving happiness. Sometimes individuals with low self-esteem have spent great amounts of time and effort taking care of others at the expense of their own wants and needs. One of the first goals in treatment is often to strengthen a sense of self and identity, such as learning more about your own beliefs, likes, and dislikes. Next, we can begin to learn how to challenge and replace negative beliefs about yourself with positive and true statements as well as how to accept and forgive your weaknesses. Oftentimes individuals with low self-esteem have a lot of shame that can be addressed in therapy. Having weaknesses and failures is a natural part of life, but that is a really hard fact to accept if one of your beliefs is “I have to be perfect.”

Having low self-esteem can make us vulnerable to unhealthy relationships because it is difficult to set good boundaries with others when our self-esteem is suffering. Beth focuses on the areas of sense-of-worth and sense-of-competence in helping to identify barriers to as well as behavioral options for increasing self-esteem.

I am committed to  working with you so it’s possible for you to strengthen your sense of self, decrease any shame you are carrying, increase your love and empathy toward yourself, replace negative beliefs with positive and more accurate beliefs, as well as work on how to set appropriate boundaries with others.